CSGC Executive Committee (2022-2023)

Saumendu Roy (Saumo)


email: plz937@usask.ca

Saumendu Roy is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. He has been working in the Software Research Lab under the supervision of Dr. Chanchal Roy and Dr. Banani Roy. Mr. Roy joined the lab after completing his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering from Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST), Bangladesh. He works with Explainable Machine Learning (XAI), a cutting-edge AI and ML research topic. It brings together computer science, data science, psychology, ethics, and more professionals to demystify AI and ensure these powerful technologies function as reliable decision-support tools. His research interests are mostly Explainability, Software Engineering, Software Maintenance, and Machine Learning. Mr. Roy has been actively participating in various community services. He is also the Vice President (Admin) of the Bangladeshi Students’ Association, University of Saskatchewan (BSAUS). Mr. Roy was the Vice President (Finance) for the last two consecutive years of the Computer Science Graduate Council (CSGC) and a Research Fest 2022, 23’s Executive Committee member.

Palash Roy

VP Finance

email: palash.roy@usask.ca

Palash is a passionate Masters’s student in computer science, deeply engrossed in research focused on the intersection of software clones and large language models. In the realm of software clones, he tirelessly explores the intricacies of code duplication, striving to enhance code quality, reduce maintenance challenges, and uncover opportunities for innovation in software development. Simultaneously, he delves into the world of large language models, harnessing their immense potential to revolutionize natural language understanding, text or code generation, and even automate complex tasks. This dual research focus not only exemplifies his commitment to advancing both software engineering and artificial intelligence but also fuels his drive to contribute meaningfully to the dynamic realms of computer science and robotics, where these two domains often intersect in transformative ways.

Elaheh Jafari

VP Social

email: xeu892@mail.usask.ca

She is a second-year Ph.D. student in computer science at the Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan, under the supervision of Prof. Julita Vassileva. Her research is concentrated on explanations within recommender systems, with a current focus on understanding users’ perceptions in this domain.

Mustakim Billah

VP Social

email: mustakim.billah@usask.ca

Embarking on a captivating academic expedition, Mustakim Billah is currently immersed in the pursuit of a Master’s in Computer Science under the expert guidance of Dr. Banani Roy. Mustakim’s scholarly focus is on software engineering and empirical software research, delving into the ever-evolving facets of the digital realm.
Bringing a wealth of experience as a web developer with a proficiency in Java, Mustakim is no stranger to the intricacies of the coding world. The journey doesn’t stop there – competitive programming has been a playground for Mustakim’s problem-solving skills, cultivating a deep-rooted passion for innovation.

Zahidul Islam

VP Social

email: eqm971@usask.ca

Zahid aspires to leverage his passion for computer science and problem-solving skills to develop innovative technology that can solve real-world problems. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Saskatchewan. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Mrigank Rochan, he is conducting research in the field of Computer Vision and Deep Learning. His primary focus is on developing robust and efficient algorithms for visual understanding that can recognize human appearance, behaviors, and interactions in an interpretable manner. Moreover, Zahid also focuses on developing efficient software systems to safely and effectively deploy Vision AI in diverse practical applications.

Fatima Saberi Khomami

GSA Representative

email: f.saberi@usask.ca

Fatima is a first-year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. She is passionate about solving problems with innovative yet simple approaches. Currently, she is working in the MADMUC lab under the supervision of Professor Julita Vassileva. Fatima joined the University of Saskatchewan after completing her Master’s degree in Data Science at Shahid Beheshti University (SBU). Her MSc thesis focused on improving agent policy in interactive Reinforcement Learning with a continuous action space, using Actor-Critic methods. In her PhD, she plans to explore large language models as a persuasive technology.

Mumtahina Ahmed

M.Sc. Representative

email: mumtahina.ahmed@usask.ca

Mumtahina Ahmed is a first-year Computer Science Master’s student at the University of Saskatchewan, working in the Software Research Lab under the supervision of Dr. Chanchal Roy. Focused on code clone detection and duplicate bug prediction, Mumtahina possesses a diverse skill set covering multiple programming languages like Python, C, Java, and more. Mumtahina aims to make significant strides in software engineering, contributing to the field’s advancements. Additionally, she serves as the MSC representative within the CSGC, further enriching her engagement in the computer science community.

Rezwana Mahfuza

VP Social

email: rezwana.mahfuza@usask.ca

Rezwana is an ambitious master’s student in computer science at the University of Saskatchewan, working under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Carl Gutwin and Dr. Debajyoti Mondal. Her research traverses the complex realms of graph visualization and human-computer interaction, focusing on enhancing user interpretability within large network visualizations. By venturing into the less explored aspects of graph visualization, Rezwana is making substantial contributions to the field. Her work does not just enrich academic discussions; it creates new avenues for a more profound and practical understanding of large networks.  Rezwana’s efforts are a significant step forward in both the academic and practical realms of network analysis for a wider audience.

Norah Ridley

Graduate Council Representative

email: norah.ridley@usask.ca

Norah Ridley is a master’s student under the supervision of Dr. Natalia Stakhanova. Her research primarily focuses on privacy in Android. She is excited to be part of the CSGC this year.

Golshid Ranjbaran

Ph.D. Representative

email: ranjbarangolshid@gmail.com

Golshid Ranjbaran, currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the U of S within the iSE Lab, holds a background in Artificial Intelligence, supported by the completion of a master’s degree in the field. With a track record of contributing to scholarly work, Golshid has authored several papers and been involved in research focusing on intricate machine learning techniques. Recent academic endeavors center around exploring the nuanced domains of Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models, with a specific focus on investigating their practical applications in Software Clones and software maintenance methodologies.